Board of Directors

Board of Directors Information

The number of Directors shall be nine (9). They shall be appointed by the Chief Judge of the Routt County District Court as provided in the Water Conservancy Act. There shall be 3 separate divisions within the District, as described in the Court Decree creating the District, and 3 directors shall be elected from each such division for 4-year terms. Such appointment shall be staggered, with one director from each district being appointed each year except every fourth year when no director terms expire. Directors shall be qualified residents and own real property within the division which he is to represent and shall have a background reflecting the agricultural, municipal, industrial and other interests in the beneficial use of water within the District. The powers and duties of the Directors are specifically provided for in the Water Conservancy Act.

Regular meetings (bi-monthly meetings) of the Board of Directors shall be held as required by the Act. The scheduled time, date, and place of such regular meetings shall be established by the Board of Directors at the last meeting of each year for the following year and shall not be varied except with the majority vote of the Directors.

The Fish Creek Water Filtration Plant in the City of Steamboat Springs in Routt County, Colorado, is hereby designated as the place where the principal office of the District shall be maintained. All regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at the principal office of the District, unless a different location is determined by the President of the Board or the General Manager. Special meetings may be held at any location proper and appropriate pursuant to the Act. Special meetings may be held entirely by telephone conference. In the event of a special meeting held entirely by telephone conference call, the location of such meeting shall be deemed to be the physical location of the District’s principal office. Directors may participate in regular or special meetings by telephone, subject to the other provisions of the Bylaws.