Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Here are collections of photos from various Upper Yampa Water District projects. Click on a thumbnail to see that photo in an inline popup window.

Stagecoach Reservoir

Stagecoach Tailwater Staff Gauge
Stagecoach Reservoir from Dam
Stagecoach middle tailwater
Stagecoach middle Tailwater 2
Stagecoach Lower Tailwater 3
Stagecoach Lower Tailwater 2
Stagecoach Dam 1

The Fetcher Hydroelectric Plant

Yamcolo Reservoir

Yamcolo Res
Yamcolo outlet

Stillwater Ditch

5 pines ditch1
5 pines ditch w diversion
5 pines ditch lateral flume
5 pines ditch 4
5 pines ditch 3
5 pines ditch 2